Clear iPhone backups in iTunes for more disk space

April 27th, 2015

Just thought I would throw in this quick tip on how to add a little extra disk space to your Mac’s hard drive. I ran a utility called Disk Inventory X. This is a free utility for Mac that shows you where all of your disk space is disappearing to. I noticed after running this app that something called MobileSync was taking up about 40GB of hard drive space on my machine. After a little more research, this turns out to be your backups of your iPhone on iTunes.

iTunes will keep multiple backups of your iPhone, and I’m guessing that you really don’t need more than the last one. I had five backups saved in iTunes. Once I erased them all, 40GB of hard drive space magically appeared back on my computer. Hoorah!

To remove iPhone backups…

Open iTunes and go to iTunes > Preferences, click on the Devices tab, choose all of the backups you want to delete, and then hit the Delete Backup button.

You might want to keep the latest backup, or at least immediately backup your iPhone as soon as you make the delete. You should always keep at least one backup of your phone. I have had to use them on multiple occasions to do a fresh re-install.

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  1. jaclyn says:

    Thank you for the tip. Can’t believe I never knew this!

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