Angel Reda

Angel Reda, Broadway actress, musician and dancer

Angel Reda

Design / HTML, CSS, jQuery / PHP

Angel Reda is an actress, singer and dancer out of New York City.

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The Beginning

Angel is a dear friend of mine from our days at the University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music, where we both were studying to become the next Broadway star. My dreams ended up moving in a different direction, but Angel has continued to succeed in the business, starring in many Broadway, Off-Broadway, and regional theatre productions, as well as success in film and television.

Angel was looking to put together an online portfolio of her work to show to agents and producers. She was looking for a simple, clean design concept with focus on her many photos and videos that she was looking to feature on the website.

The Design

The design is fairly straight-forward: black background, white text, and let the photos on the website do the grunt of the work. I find that photos on a white or black background bring out the colors the most and tend to draw the eye toward the photos on the page.

For her logo, Angel wrote her signature with a thick Sharpie ® on a piece of white computer paper. I then scanned it, removed the white background, reversed the colors and saved it as a PNG. It adds a wonderful personal touch to the website, especially since most people don’t have their signature as their logo.

The Content & Layout

As with the design, artists websites tend to be pretty straight-forward. We divided the pages into bio, resume and headshots, and media. Using a simple navigation scheme, it was pretty clear what each section contained. We decided to go for a two-column layout; one of Angel’s gorgeous headshots on the left, and the content on the right. Since we were using the photos as a focal point on the website, it was important to have them big and bold to stand out. After all, as an actor, you want people to remember your face.

The Code

Warning: Techy stuff to follow.

PHP was used to code the contact page form, which sends an email to Angel when someone is trying to get in touch with her. The layout was done with good ‘ol HTML and CSS. The website was designed before responsive design came into fashion, so this has a fixed-width layout. There’s also a little jQuery thrown in to make the galleries work properly.

Okay: That’s the end of the techy stuff.


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